AVADirect Custom Gaming PC Review


Manufacturer AVADirect (starting at $1,006) is known for building highly customized gaming computers backed by a solid warranty and free technical support for not much more than it would cost to buy the components separately and build your own system. Judging by some of the models AVADirect has sent out for review, the company wants to prove that it can deliver a good, solid gaming computer without charging a ton of money. The guys on G4TV's "Attack of the Show" tested a $1,023 system and were amazed to find that it performed as well as some $2,500 systems -- an impressive feat. Their AVADirect custom gaming PC review notes the case's roomy design, which makes it easier to add more hardware later on, although they poke fun at its large size and carrying handle. Ultimately they conclude this PC is one of the best deals they've seen and give it a score of 5 out of 5. The editor of PC Perspective likes the handle because it makes the PC easier to take to LAN parties, where gamers come together to play multiplayer games on a local area network. In an AVADirect custom gaming PC review, he admires the well-organized interior and says the system performs as expected, with plenty of power for playing the latest games.

The current base configuration for AVADirect's Z68 custom gaming system also costs just over $1,000 and houses better hardware than the versions reviewers tested, including an Intel Core i5-2500 quad-core CPU and a Radeon HD 7770 video card. Gamers can upgrade to a Core i7-2600K processor for about $92 and opt for mild overclocking for $25. Only 4GB of RAM comes standard, but it costs only about $18 to double that to 8GB, which we strongly recommend.

The system supports multiple Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon video cards, so there's lots of room to upgrade. It comes with the usual 1TB, 7,200 rpm hard drive, DVD-RW drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. You can add on myriad extras, including solid-state drives, a Blu-ray recorder, and frills such as case lighting.

Experts from the likes of PC Mag tout the clean hard drives on AVADirect custom gaming PCs, which aren't bogged down by bloatware, and praise the systems' value for the money. AVADirect offers consumers countless ways to fine-tune a custom gaming PC with the best hardware that fits within their budget. A three-year parts and labor warranty and free lifetime technical support also help set the brand apart.

Michael Sweet

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