Alienware M17x Review



Our top pick among low-cost gaming laptops gives buyers plenty of options to scale up the power while remaining within our budget price range. At less than 10 pounds, this 17.3-inch notebook is easier to carry around than a hefty tower, and the snazzy design befits a gaming machine.

Cheaper versions of this flashy laptop seem to escape the notice of expert reviewers, who (not surprisingly) prefer to experiment with pricier, souped-up versions. An analyst doing an Alienware M17x review for PC Mag checked out an expensive configuration that included a Blu-ray drive, a faster CPU, and 8GB of RAM, among other enhancements. The expert was very impressed with the M17x, noting that both games and movies look 'stunning' on the machine's 17.3-inch, high-definition display, although he also mentions that the screen is very reflective. The full-featured M17x rocked PC Mag's battery of performance tests, demonstrating that users can get desktop-like performance from a laptop. An editor at Computer Shopper who tested a previous version of this machine for an Alienware M17x review is similarly impressed, citing the powerful hardware and impressive display as strong selling points. The reviewer likes that this system provides more configuration options than most competitors. The notebook weighs just under 10 pounds, which may seem a bit on the heavy side but is still lighter than some other laptops with the same size screen, according to Computer Shopper's Alienware M17x review.

The base configuration of the Alienware M17x (starting at $1,499, Amazon) comes with an Intel Core i7-3610QM processor, 6GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, a 2GB Nvidia GTX 660M video card, a DVD-RW drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. Additional features include four USB ports, HDMI output for connecting a larger display, as well as an HDMI-in port for a gaming console or Blu-ray player, and Alienware's Command Center software with AlienFX, a feature that lets you control the laptop's many lighting features.

In its default configuration, the M17x is a solid gaming laptop that's comparable in price to many budget desktop systems. You can pump up the power by opting for more expensive components, but Alienware M17x reviews note attributes that cut across price points, such as the build quality and the eye-catching design. This laptop from Dell's popular Alienware brand turns heads as well as it runs games.

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