Genie Powerlift H4000-07 Review



One of the most affordable screw-drive models available, the H4000-07 boasts a 1/2 hp DC motor,rolling security coding, two one-button remotes, and a two-bulb lighting system. Reviewers appreciate the color-coded parts and easy DIY install. While some extol the quiet operation, others don't hear a noise difference between this unit and a traditional chain-drive.

The Genie Powerlift H4000-07 (starting at $174) is one of the least expensive screw-drive garage door openers on the market and it happens to be highly rated. Sold largely by Home Depot, Genie Powerlift H4000-07 reviews on the Home Depot site give the model four out of five stars. Like most value-priced garage door openers, reviews by experts are nowhere to be found.

According to Genie Powerlift H4000-07 reviews, satisfied users appreciate the easy-to-follow installation instructions and simple upkeep. On the negative side, some do-it-yourself purchasers had difficulty running the wires, as these reviews note on Buzzillions and Home Depot. Genie Powerlift H4000-07 reviews, including one on Home Depot also caution that the unit may wear out quickly if not properly maintained (i.e., periodic lubrication of the screw-drive mechanism keeps things moving). Screw-drive garage openers are generally quieter than chain-drive openers.

With two one-button remotes, lighting capacity for two bulbs, and an illuminated wall mount, the Genie Powerlift H4000-07 is a good deal for a screw-drive garage opener. Families with small children appreciate its quiet operation. The 1/2 hp motor works for single or standard-weight double garage doors, but if you have larger or heavier garage doors it may be wiser to invest in a model with a heftier motor.

Gina Briles

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