Craftsman 53985 Review


Think Twice

This 1/2 hp chain drive garage door opener features rolling security code technology, two 100W bulb adjustable lights, two three-button remotes, and a keyless entry pad. Consumers say it's relatively quiet and easy to install, but several claim it has a habit of opening on its own, posing a safety risk.

The Craftsman 53985 garage door opener gets 3.5 out of 5 stars in Craftsman 53985 reviews on the Sears website. Although this cheap garage door opener is ignored by consumer product experts, it wins kudos in many users' reviews for an attractive price, a manageable installation process, and quiet operation.

In Craftsman 53985 reviews purchasers write that they like its responsive motion sensors and convenient features, including a keyless entry pad, two three-button remotes, a control console, and lighting capacity for two 100-watt bulbs. And yet, one glaring safety concern keeps popping up in reviews. This cheap chain-drive opener has a habit of randomly opening on its own, according to several reviews on the Sears site.

On the surface, the Craftsman 53985 (starting at $160) is a good choice for multi-driver households or families whose members come and go frequently and don't want to be bothered with keys. The 1/2 hp motor is sufficient to lift most single or double garage doors, and the accessories noted above all lend themselves to easy garage access. However, this model's unpredictable tendency to roll open may pose a security risk that frugal consumers may find too heavy to bear.

Gina Briles

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