Chamberlain 248735 Power Drive Review


The Chamberlain 248735 Power Drive garage door opener (starting at $158) is a good value, write consumers in Chamberlain 248735 Power Drive reviews. This chain-drive model features a multi-function wall-mounted opener and two three-button remotes. It boasts a 3/4 hp motor, making it a good choice for buyers who must contend with oversized or heavy garage doors. In reviews on the Lowe's website, this cheap garage door opener earns four out of five stars. But with just a score of actual reviews, it's difficult to accurately assess performance.

Consumers who like the Chamberlain 248735 remark in Chamberlain 248735 Power Drive reviews that it's quiet for a chain-drive garage door opener, which is usually noisier than a screw-drive garage door opener. This model is considered easy to install, but most consumers posting reviews on Lowe's report the included angle iron is inadequate for mounting. One consumer posting a review on Epinions reports he's had no problems during the seven years it's been in use, adding that it's smooth, fast, and hefty enough for two doors.

The Chamberlain 248735 Power Drive comes with two three-button remotes, a wall-mounted control, and capacity for 200 watts of light. While user information for the Chamberlain 248735 is minimal, those who have reviewed it seem satisfied with the product. With 50% more horsepower than most other cheap garage door openers, the Chamberlain 248735 Power Drive offers consumers high-value features for less than $170.

Gina Briles

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