All Power APGG4000 Review


The All Power APGG4000 (starting at $399, Amazon) generator is a solid and affordable choice for people who need a reliable backup power supply or a power source for an RV. According to All Power APGG4000 reviews at Home Depot, this model consistently starts with one pull and runs quietly. Additionally, users say they appreciate its running chops and the clear, straightforward instructions. One review says the generator powered a sump pump, fridge, several TVs, and other electronics for one week nonstop. At users' All Power APGG4000 Northern Tool reviews likewise offer up praise, saying it's a cinch to set up, it starts easily, and it can run a host of appliances and electronics at once without faltering. And, they add, the included wheel kit makes the generator extremely portable.

This model features 3300 running watts and 4000 starting watts. It's gas-powered but in an unusual twist, it requires 90 octane or higher unleaded gas; most gas generators use 87 octane fuel. The All Power APGG4000 can run about eight hours on one four-gallon tank at 50 percent load, which is a shorter run time than the gas-powered models that made our list of top picks. It features one 120v outlet, one 120v/240v outlet, and one 12v twist lock outlet. With a decibel rating of 72, the APGG4000 is noisier than most of the budget models we researched.

The All Power APGG4000 has an attractive price and plenty of power, but it's a bit louder than competing generators and its eight-hour run time is a bit miserly. Those caveats aside, the APGG4000 is a good, reliable performer.

Michael Sweet

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