Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review



This Champion Power Equipment generator has enough horsepower to keep your key electronics and appliances running when the lights go out, and it comes with some nice extra features (e.g., wireless remote start) rarely seen in this price range.

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 (starting at $482, Amazon) combines excellent power and performance with several popular features while still clocking in at under $500. We found several Champion Power Equipment 46539 reviews at Amazon from buyers who say they purchased this model in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, or lent it out to needy friends, and all report it was totally up to the challenge. Quite a few reviews report having run several appliances and devices (e.g., refrigerators, freezers, PCs, TVs, boilers, and some house lights) for days on end. Users also note that this model is hardly a gas guzzler and can manage a pretty large load for a good 10 hours. Several reviews say this budget generator starts easily and some particularly mention how much they like the remote electric start. (The Champion Power Equipment 46539 is the only generator we researched that boasts this feature.) The Champion Power Equipment 46539 review at Portable Generator Master says this model is a good choice for RVs and camping in addition to home use.

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 is a versatile machine with three types of outlets (two 120v outlets, one 120v RV outlet, and one 120v twist outlet) and a long run time of about 12 hours at 50 percent load. It has 3,500 running watts and 4,000 starting watts, and a 3.8-gallon tank that runs on unleaded gas. At 68 decibels, it's not exactly whisper-quiet but is fairly low by generator standards. You can start this generator with the included wireless remote starter, an electric starter, or the recoil starter. The package includes a wheel kit, a welcome addition given the model's 140-pound bulk.

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We're pretty impressed with the Champion Power Equipment 46539. It offers power, performance, and features for a very reasonable price. It's a reliable machine that starts easily and can keep most of your appliances and lights running for hours at a stretch.

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