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The Champion Power Equipment 46533 has all the power and performance of the pricier 46539 model but fewer extras and a lower price.

The Champion Power Equipment 46533 (starting at $358, Amazon) is a no-frills version of the brand's 46539 model and delivers the same power. Buyers who posted Champion Power 46533 reviews at Home Depot offer high praise for this generator, saying it provides power simultaneously for TVs, refrigerators, house lights, radios, and other electronic gear without balking. Additionally, users say the engine starts easily with the recoil pull-start and runs smoothly. Comments about the user-friendly start also surface in reviews at Amazon, which note it fires up after one or two pulls. One user who lost power for 11 days during Hurricane Sandy reports that the 46533 ran a host of power-hungry items -- including a freezer, refrigerator, internet routers, a TV, PS3, laptops, and fish tank lights -- the entire time. Buyers who posted reviews at Tractor Supply Co. say it runs quietly and is a good choice for powering RV appliances when camping.

The Champion Power 46533 is a basic generator in terms of features. It offers neither wheel kit nor electric starter, but the recoil "pull-start" is more than adequate to fire up the engine. The engine produces 3,500 running watts and 4,000 starting watts and is fed from a 3.8-gallon fuel tank. Like most budget generators, this model runs on unleaded gasoline. When running at 50 percent load, it can go for about 12 hours. It purrs at about 68 decibels, which is pretty reasonable for a gas-powered engine. The supply of outlets includes one standard 120v, one 120v for RVs, and one locking 120v.

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The 46533 does indeed lack some bells and whistles found on pricier generators but it offers a lot of power for the price, not to mention a long run time. The absence of an electric start doesn't seem to be an issue, as it reliably starts with one or two pulls of the recoil starter. Moving the generator is a two-person job (at least) without the wheel kit, which is a drawback. However, once in place, you can count on this generator to deliver a steady supply of electricity that should easily meet your needs in an emergency.

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