Huntington 30030HNT Review



This gas grill boasts a total cooking surface of 430 square inches: one main burner with two heat controls and a warming rack. Reviewers say the simple, no-frills model heats up fast and cooks evenly.

A propane gas model, the Huntington 30030HNT (starting at $165.50, Amazon) impresses users with how easy it is to use and clean. Consumers also regard the grill as heavy-duty, durable, and very affordable. On Amazon, one reviewer writes that it's a solid entry-level grill with heat output that gets the job done. Although stock may be limited so far on the websites of big-box stores such as Lowe's and Walmart, the company confirms that this model is in production for 2016.

The Huntington 30030HNT has 430 square inches of cooking space including a warmer. One reviewer says the size is perfect for an apartment balcony. This grill is often identified as a "two-burner" model, but it actually has one burner with two controls, so users can control the left and right sides separately. The burner is powered by 30,000 BTUs (15,000 BTUs on each side). Reviewers report that the grill heats up fast and cooks very evenly. The grates are porcelain-coated, permitting less sticking and easy cleanup.

Where to buy

An expert reviewer at has high praise for the Huntington 30030HNT. The standout feature for him is the cast aluminum body, which should enable this cheap BBQ grill to last considerably longer than its counterparts made of painted steel.

Not every user is a fan. One critical reviewer reports returning the grill before even getting it set up -- assembly seems to be the one downfall of this model. We read complaints of hard-to-follow instructions and poorly pre-assembled parts, although others report that the grill was easy to assemble. If putting it together is something of a concern, buy from a retailer where assembly is included.

Many consumers like the smaller size of the Huntington 30030HNT and find it a good option for a backyard or balcony. At the same time, the grill provides plenty of power to its main burner. This model doesn't come with a lot of frills, but an expert vouches for the solid construction and reviewers admire the heat control with the aluminum base, as well as the ease of use and cleanup.

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