Koss UR20 Review


It's hard to find a decent set of full-size headphones for less than $20, but Koss UR20 reviews suggest these are a good place to start. Users posting at Newegg say the headphones have good, solid bass and are quite comfortable. One reviewer describes the sound as a bit hollow, though. Amazon shoppers praise the Koss UR20 (starting at $14, Amazon) for deep bass, as well as good highs and mids. Buyers also appreciate the solid construction and durability of these headphones, saying they feel like they're built to last. Some Koss UR20 reviews come from users who aren't overly impressed with the audio quality, however. They label the sound merely "decent" and a little muddy.

The Koss UR20 closed headphones have a relatively narrow frequency response, from 30 Hz to 20 kHz. Their sensitivity is lower than average, at 97 dB. Many reviewers like the 8-foot-long cord, which is good for home stereos and PCs but may be a bit much for smartphones and MP3 players.

Koss UR20 reviews flag this model as a pretty good deal for users looking for cheap closed headphones with excellent bass. They aren't the best-sounding headphones out there, but users confirm they're not bad by any means.

Michael Sweet

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