JVC Gumy Plus Review



These earbuds are incredibly cheap, yet they still dish up loud and clear sound. They're also comfortable to wear, according to reviewers, and seem to last longer than you might expect.

JVC Gumy Plus reviews attribute the popularity of these earbuds to their incredibly low price (starting at $5, Amazon) and surprisingly good sound quality. A CNET expert describes the sound as well-balanced and clear. The treble can be a little harsh, though, and the bass is relatively weak. Still, this model sounds pretty good considering how cheap it is, he says. Best Buy shoppers praise the headphones' light weight and comfortable fit. They're plenty loud enough and sound pretty good overall, JVC Gumy Plus reviews say, despite a lack of powerful bass. On the Walmart website, reviews show that some users consider the treble overpowering and the bass not strong enough to balance it out. But others say these headphones deliver a nice, clear sound that exceeded their expectations.

JVC Gumy Plus earbuds don't sport a lot of extra features, but that's not surprising given their sub-$10 price. They do have a wide frequency response of 15 Hz to 20 kHz and an excellent sensitivity of 108 dB, which means they produce plenty of volume on relatively little power. Some reviewers wish the cord were longer; at 3.3 feet, it's the shortest among our picks. These earbuds are available in eight colors.

JVC Gumy Plus earbuds offer a bit of a compromise. If you don't have to have strong bass, these are a great value. You'd be hard-pressed to find a decent-sounding set of earbuds for less than this pair. They are also comfortable and fit well, according to JVC Gumy Plus reviews. Even with an extension cord, these headphones will come out cheaper than most.

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