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Adult Bike Helmet. You can't go wrong with the Giro Transfer: it has an ideal blend of ventilation, comfort, design, and price. Readers and experts agree this cheap helmet is well worth its price and some prefer it over more expensive models.

The Giro Transfer Bicycle Helmet claims legions of fans. Users have a hard time finding problems with it, according to Giro Transfer reviews, as it seems to satisfy every constituency. In reviews on Buzzillions, one user brags about how his sunglasses fit snugly in the front holes, another reports the cheap helmet lasted through 10,000 miles and lots of inclement weather, and a third simply says the Giro Transfer is the right choice for frugal cyclists insistent on high quality gear. Several other riders note in bicycle helmet reviews that the helmet ably performs its primary function; that is, it protects their heads in the event of an accident. Users of this cheap helmet posting reviews on Amazon extol the virtues of its light weight and comfort.

The Giro Transfer (starting at $26, Amazon) features an industry standard in-mold technology that fuses a plastic outer microshell with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner. A Giro Transfer review by experts at explains that this build process strengthens the helmet and allows for more vents. Indeed, the Giro Transfer has 20 vents that ensure lots of air circulation; a nice touch here is the mesh covering on the vents that keep pesky bugs from getting inside. A lightweight 255 grams and a universal size that fits heads measuring 54-61 centimeters around, the unisex Giro Transfer also features a proprietary strap system that makes for convenient single-handed adjustment and a snug, safe fit.

The only thing separating the Transfer from its sibling, the Giro Indicator (starting at $29, Amazon), is the presence of a visor on the latter, which ups the cost by a few dollars. But we still think the Giro Transfer is a best cheap bicycle helmet. It’s designed to fit most adults, it sits comfortably on your head, it keeps you cool and safe, and it enjoys widespread market acceptance.

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