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Youth Bike Helmet. Parents fret about finding a helmet that fits their growing children, which often leads them to the Bell Faction. This affordable helmet comes in small, medium, and large and suits children's varied head sizes; it's also marketed to adults for downhill and mountain biking.

Bell offers several youth bicycle helmets, some with lower price tags, but in terms of form and function, the Bell Faction stands out. The full head coverage, including the forehead, and suitability as both a bicycle and skateboarding helmet, are strong draws for parents, according to Bell Faction reviews on Amazon. Ditto for the washable pads that stick on with Velcro and ensure a snug fit, add other reviews. And while the Bell Faction won’t win any design contests, kids seem to think it passes the “cool” test. They also like the matte finish, which invites stickers of favorite sports team or cartoon characters, and mercifully don’t complain about wearing the helmet, note parents in helmet reviews on Amazon. The Bell Faction is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for bicycling and meets ASTM 1492 skateboard standards.

The Bell Faction (starting at $25, Amazon) (not to be confused with the Bell Fraction) is rounder in shape than the adult models but still has the same dual-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam lining; the shell is a rigid plastic that is impact-resistant. The chinstrap is more prominent than in other Bell youth helmets, but Bell Faction reviews say it adjusts easily. As in many youth helmets, ventilation is sacrificed for the sake of durability, so the Bell Fraction has only 12 vents. The total package weighs a sturdy 426 grams, and comes in three sizes (51-56 centimeters, 54-59 centimeters, and 58-63 centimeters); adults may find the larger size fits them just fine.

This is an all-around helmet that appeals to kids and their parents, as well as adults who are into downhill and mountain biking. For a cheap price, you get safety and comfort. It’s hard to go wrong with that combination.

Maralyn Edid

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