Salomon Synapse Review



These are the best cheap option we found for fast hiking and light trail running for both men and women. These hiking shoes have a specially shaped foot bed that lets wearers roll through their natural stride for miles and miles without discomfort. Numerous users crow that the lightweight, straight-out-of-the-box comfort doesn't hold them back. Many also report exceptional support and traction on rough terrain.

Fast hikers and trail runners who have posted Salomon Synapse reviews on Amazon truly appreciate the brand's focus on speeding up their journeys. Reviewers say the roomy toe box keeps their feet from feeling squished, while the traction and cushiony foot beds help them comfortably and quickly traverse rough terrain. One review on comes from a hiker who calls himself a larger guy. He raves about how supportive the shoes are, offering stiffness where he needs it and flexibility elsewhere. He also attests to their durability, noting that they show minimal wear after a year of frequent use.

The Salomon Synapse (starting at $60, Amazon) is a low-cut shoe that is not waterproof but is constructed with breathable materials that allow feet to dry quickly. The outsole has multi-directional lugs for superior traction and molded EVA foot beds to provide anatomically shaped support and cushioning. These shoes also have a relatively high heel drop, which means the midsole is angled toward the toe to create natural forward movement and prompt wearers to move faster on the trail. No less than the hiker who holds the record for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail chose these boots for her trek. She praises their flexibility, durability, and comfort in an interview with Backpacker magazine.

The Salomon Synapse is truly designed for trailblazers, with a specialized shape and breathable materials that won't weigh wearers down. Salomon Synapse reviews often quote the "Run your Hike" tagline the brand has attached to the product. If you're so inclined, this shoe is uniquely suited and eminently well-priced.

Raechel Conover

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