Toshiba Mini 3D Review


The Toshiba Mini 3D sound bar is a tiny audio system that delivers big time. This low-cost home theater component earns a 4.5 out of 5 rating in a Toshiba Mini 3D review by Digital Trends, which says it fills a room with vibrant, natural sound. The audio is well balanced with good detail and clarity, the expert review continues, and dialogue during movies is very clear. Consumers who posted Toshiba Mini 3D reviews at Amazon are also impressed with this little stereo dynamo. They like its crisp and clear sound and report no distortion, although one user grouses that the maximum volume on the Mini 3D is a tad too low.

The Toshiba Mini 3D (starting at $162, Amazon) lives up to its name, measuring only 11.4 inches long x 2.8 inches wide x 3.9 inches high. The enclosure houses four speakers and attaches to a wired subwoofer. Like others in its class, the Mini 3D comes with a remote control, but unlike some, it supports Bluetooth connections. This Toshiba product also includes 3D audio processing to help create an effect that closely mimics surround sound. The system includes one digital optical connection, a digital coax input, an analog audio input, and a 3.5mm input.

The Mini 3D is a good TV companion for small spaces. It doesn't take up much room in your entertainment center and you won't have any trouble hearing it even though the volume isn't super loud. It boasts a wide field of sound and superior audio. The Mini 3D is an inexpensive and space-saving way to really boost the quality of your home theater.

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