Super 8 Review


A solid list of amenities and a reputation for being one of the cheaper budget hotels help earn Super 8 decent reviews. But our research found that prices are climbing more towards the middle of the pack, and one post at Hotwire about a property in the Midwest comments that the rate wasn't particularly cheap given the rural location; another at Trip Advisor concludes the rates were excessive given its scruffy condition. Whether a stay with Super 8 proves to be a good value often comes down to the individual property. The summation of one lackluster review, also at Trip Advisor, of a Kentucky location, says the rooms are nothing special but the rates are attractive enough. And the staff at an Illinois site are commended in posts at Travelocity.

But the one gripe that spans multiple locations concerns worn furniture and decor and the general "plainness" of the facilities. In some locations this was more of an issue than others. Many Super 8 reviewers say they "expected more" or describe the hotels as just "decent." A few locations that receive very low ratings were dinged for being dirty or smelling of smoke, but there was no pattern to such complaints and many properties with critical reviews also garner favorable reviews, a dichotomy that may reflect the variance in guests' expectations as well as the particular room they were assigned.

Super 8 provides a handful of amenities, including free cold breakfast, coffee, and Internet (though not necessarily Wi-Fi); kids under the age of 17 stay free. Super 8 is part of the Wyndham Group, so the rewards program applies. With more than 2,100 locations nationwide, Super 8 is easy to find on the go.

Many frugal travelers continue rewarding Super 8 with their business even though prices are creeping higher. But check reviews for the specific location on your planned itinerary -- some may be worth the price, others not so much.

Lee Stevens

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