Days Inn Review


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Days Inn has the advantage of solid ratings for most of its locations, of which there are many, making it a chain to count on. Plus, it offers a free breakfast, which many frequent visitors look forward to.

Moderate prices, lots of locations, and a more consistent standard of quality than much of the competition make this long-time player in the economy hotels game a winner, according to Days Inn reviews. Posts at several sites indicate that guests appreciate the proliferation of properties -- more than 1,800 -- which certainly ups the convenience factor. And at Orbitz, Days Inn reviews comment on the good value and the facilities' cleanliness, all while acknowledging that frills aren't expected. For some Days Inn locations, however, reviews assert that decor and furnishings seem outdated or worn, which may reflect, at least in part, the chain's age. That said, many reviewers don't necessarily consider this a huge drawback; they say rooms are comfortable despite the need for a remodel.

Days Inn offers free breakfast at all locations, which is an amenity many repeat visitors confess to looking forward to. The chain also provides free Wi-Fi, and, as part of the Wyndham Group's rewards program, guests can earn points towards free stays at any Wyndham hotel in addition to a variety of other redemption options.

Primarily good reviews and years of experience make Days Inn a good choice for travelers, especially with so many easy-to-find locations. It delivers value for the money so long as you don't expect many perks beyond the basics.

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