Red Roof Inn Review


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Red Roof Inn earns positive reviews from guests, especially for the breakfast (when it's offered), but maintains fewer locations than some other hotel chains. Guests often report that the company deals well with customer feedback.

Red Roof Inn boasts about its status as the top economy hotel chain based on reviews at Trip Advisor. It likewise fares relatively well at other review sites, such as J.D. Power and Associates, where it earned the second-highest ranking in the firm's 2013 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. Although still a small chain by budget hotel standards -- there are about 350 Red Roof Inn properties, mostly in the eastern U.S. -- amenities and solid performance at most locations earn it recognition. Guests' reviews of many Red Roof Inn properties are positive. They often comment on the high quality of service, and posts at Expedia, say the staff is friendly and helpful. The chain has been investing in property upgrades and a sleeker, more modern aesthetic; Red Roof Inn reviews at Travelocity about a property in Ohio comment appreciatively on the effort. For locations that haven't been remodeled yet, some reviews grouse about worn out beds and/or decor.

Red Roof Inn offers the usual amenities, including free Wi-Fi and calling. Unlike the best economy hotel chains, this one does not guarantee free breakfast, although many properties now offer one. It also supports a rewards program that gives members faster check-in, free bottled water, and points toward a free nights stay. And it stands out with its free pets-welcome-here policy (one per room), a perk pet-loving travelers laud while others, predictably, condemn.

The chain is still growing and seems committed to customer service and comfort. It's a good choice for travelers seeking economical lodging, especially if one of the newly updated properties is in sight.

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