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Motel 6 boasts one of the lowest per-night costs of all North American hotel chains without sacrificing much in the way of performance or features. With more than 1,100 locations, an outpost is easy to find; the variance in quality can be high, though.

Motel 6 reviews confirm what travelers on a tight budget long to hear: There's no reason to resist the draw of its cheap prices. Motel 6 garners high ratings on many travel review sites, and with some of the cheapest rates around, spending extra on fancier digs is really unnecessary if a place to sleep is all you need. Many reviews at Trip Advisor various properties at least three stars and applaud the brand's overall value -- basic comfort for a low price. Few reviewers of these high-scoring locations report that they failed to meet expectations about cleanliness, comfort, or service, and many with low expectations report finding themselves pleasantly surprised. Reviews also note the chain's acceptance of pets and say free coffee in the lobbies adds a friendly touch.

That said, there are a number of Motel 6 locations that earn less than satisfactory reviews, particularly in categories of hygiene and service, but this assessment seems largely dependent on location, as is often the case with a franchise operation. Some guests at a property in Nevada write on Travelocity of lingering cigarette smells in non-smoking rooms and at Trip Advisor one reports a similar problem at a Rhode Island location. Other critical reviews give demerits for worn sheets or carpet stains, but we found no particular pattern. Given that there are so many Motel 6 locations -- 1,100 and counting -- if you don't like the one you're at, there may be another nearby that proves more satisfactory.

Such low room rates do come at a price, however: Motel 6 offers few perks. There is no free breakfast or guaranteed free Wi-Fi, so be prepared to pay for the latter at some locations. On the other hand, kids stay free and the chain offers many discounts (e.g., for veterans and booking online).

Despite the occasional disappointing property, low prices and widespread availability make Motel 6 a decent budget choice when coupled with modest expectations for comfort and service.

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