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Think Twice

The Honda Insight is a direct competitor to the Toyota Prius C, with a similar price point. The difference is the fuel economy: 41 mpg city/44 mpg highway, compared with 53/46 mpg for the Prius C. The Insight also has less interior room -- reviewers call the back seat constraining -- and delivers a somewhat rough, noisy ride.

This is a very affordable hybrid, but experts express mixed feelings in Honda Insight reviews. They complain that the Insight lacks power, especially at highway speeds, although authorities such as Edmunds praise the Insight's handling and responsive steering. The site's experts note that the Insight doesn't offer the smoothest ride -- you'll feel it when you drive over bumps or broken pavement. The car is comfortable, according to a review at Hybrid Cars, where an expert calls the interior spacious. It offers 85 cubic feet of room for five passengers. In a review at The Car Connection, an expert complains that the headroom in the back seat is lacking, a gripe echoed at Edmunds. Such drawbacks are reflected in a below-average rating from J.D. Power and Associates for overall performance and design. The Insight did not score well among owners on comfort, style, or its features and instrument panel.

The Honda Insight is a four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive hybrid that claims 41 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway. The gasoline engine and electric motor combine to total 111 horsepower. Standard features include remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, and power windows, locks, and mirrors.

The Insight is certainly cheap by hybrid standards and offers very good fuel efficiency -- just not as good as the Toyota Prius C. This is also a sluggish car that doesn't offer the smoothest ride. The front seats are roomy and comfortable, but taller passengers will certainly feel cramped in the back. If your priorities are fuel efficiency and price, the Insight is worth a good look, but it has some shortcomings.

Michael Sweet

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