2010 Saturn Aura Green Line Review


At max 32mpg, fuel economy is much less than other hybrids and emissions aren't as clean. The Aura Green, also called "Aura Hybrid", gets low marks for performance compared to the non-hybrid Saturn Aura. Note that GM will be phasing out the Saturn brand at the end of 2010.

With a maximum of 32mpg, the fuel economy of this stop-start hybrid sedan (a.k.a. Saturn Aura Hybrid) is far less impressive than other hybrids, and the emissions aren't as clean. Among professional auto journalists at sites like Hybridcars.com, Car And Driver, and Road and Track, Saturn Aura Green Line reviews criticize the model for poor performance compared to the non-hybrid Saturn Aura. Reviews also knock the vehicle for the flimsy plastic feel of the interior.

The Aura Hybrid does have a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and 169 horsepower, so it's not too sluggish. Its double-paned glass in the front doors helps muffle the driving noise and the styling is distinctively "non-hybrid," a feature that may appeal to a wider audience than some other affordable hybrid sedans.

But what may be the biggest knock against the Saturn Aura hybrid is the fact that GM is phasing out the Saturn division in 2010, which raises questions about long-term serviceability and price on resale.

Michael Sweet

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