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Old-time looks coupled with strong performance keep users of this 4-quart rock salt/ice model hooked on the brand as well as the end product.

Consumers with a yen for simpler -- but still automated -- times will find the Nostalgia ICMP400 Vintage Collection ice cream makers (starting at $30, Amazon) to their liking. Reviews on Amazon and cluster around the 4.5-star range and cheerily note there’s no hand cranking involved, just some rock salt and ice and motorized churning. The wood bucket version (ICMP400WD) looks decidedly old-fashioned and even the plastic model (ICMP400BLUE) could pass for something not quite 21st century. Kids get a charge out of this small kitchen appliance, according to Nostalgia ICMP400 reviews, and can pretty much take over, in part because the instructions are simple and direct.

Perhaps more important, the end product is rich, creamy, and delicious, consumers declare, with a texture that hits the sweet spot. Reviewers write about all manner of fruit-flavored treats, from pineapple and mango to strawberry and cherry, and irresistible non-dairy alternatives. Unlike some low-cost ice cream makers that stir up gallons of disappointment with yields that are unevenly or insufficiently frozen, only a small handful of such complaints are lodged against the Nostalgia ICMP400. A number of reviews also contend that this model is quieter than other ice cream makers, and several users tell of adding more than one to their arsenal of appliances or buying one to replace a machine from a different manufacturer.

Low ratings in online reviews primarily relate to packaging and shipping rather than the ice cream maker itself. Quite a few reviewers report receiving damaged units, opened cartons, and missing components.

The 4-quart Nostalgia ICMP400 Vintage Collection ice cream maker produces frozen yogurt and gelato in addition to ice cream. It’s available with a wood outer bucket (with a plastic liner to prevent melting ice from leaking) or a plastic outer bucket that costs several dollars less. The Nostalgia Vintage Collection also includes a 2-quart version (wood or plastic) and a 6-quart version (wood only). The canister holding the ice cream is aluminum, the paddle is plastic, and the lid is see-through. Recipes accompany the machine. The wood model weighs 10 pounds and the plastic model weighs 6.3 pounds.

This model is a bucket load of fun, according to users, that churns out a spoonable and rich frozen treat without draining their wallets.

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