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Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt
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There is actual vanilla bean in Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt (starting at $4), and all of the tasters on our panel commented on the strong vanilla flavor. For some it was "very vanilla-y" and for others it was just too much. Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt is very low in fat but seems to be loaded with sugar; a few tasters thought it was overly sweet.

The biggest plus about Turkey Hill Frozen Yogurt is the creamy texture. It does not have the unctuous mouth feel of a premium ice cream, but it wasn't icy or milky, either. One taster said the texture earned it her vote for "second favorite." What this ice cream substitute presented that the true ice creams in our blind tasting didn't, though, was not to its advantage. There was a distinctly chemical aftertaste that most tasters said was "strong" ; one said "it makes me want to drink a glass of water right away."

A look at the ingredients list clearly spotlighted the reason for the chemical taste: most of the contents are unpronounceable non-natural substances. The chemical make-up must be the source of the creaminess, because Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt contains no cream -- just nonfat milk. Also present are sugar and corn syrup, and both vanilla and vanilla bean.

Turkey Hill says that it often runs taste tests to see whether people can tell the difference between its ice cream and frozen yogurt -- "most often," according to the company website, consumers can't. Our tasters were obviously in the camp that does notice a difference. Although they didn't know what brand they were eating or that one sample was frozen yogurt, their comments indicated they knew that something was off. Four products tasted like ice cream and one tasted artificial.

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – July 16, 2012
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