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This case comes in a variety of translucent colors for iPhone 5/5S, 6, 6 Plus. It wins accolades for slim, sturdy construction and unencumbered use of buttons and ports.

Named the top iPhone 6 case out of nearly 100 tested by The Wirecutter, the Incipio NGP (starting at $9, Amazon) is also available for iPhones 5/5S and 6 Plus. This thin case is constructed of Incipio's trademarked Flex2O, a versatile polymer material that combines the properties hard plastic and rubber. It allows the case to resist scratches and tears while providing some shock absorbence and grip. On Amazon one reviewer describes it as a nice middle ground between hard and soft. Others note that the material keeps the phone from sliding on a flat surface and, most important, helps the phone survive an accidental drop.

The Wirecutter found that some cases made from a similar and commonly used material known as TPU tend not to fit so well, but the Incipio NGP is an exception. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible and accommodate cables (for headphones, etc.) from companies other than Apple. Although the iPhone doesn't fit on a dock while wearing this case, according to reviews, users say it's easy to remove.

The Incipio NGP doesn't come with a screen protector, which doesn't escape notice in customer reviews on Amazon, where some users report damaged screens. Still, it does have a lip that prevents the front of the phone from touching a surface when it's facedown. Testers at The Wirecutter measured the lip at 0.6 millimeters -- under Apple's official recommendation of 1 mm but enough to provide some protection. On the upside, the ring/silent switch is easier to access and the case doesn't add too much girth to the phone. The Incipio NGP for iPhone 6 measures 0.38 inches (compared with the 0.27-inch depth of the phone itself). There's enough of a buffer to provide protection, reviewers say, without altering the feel of the phone too much.

The Incipio NGP is available in an array of colors, depending on the model, including black, translucent blue, translucent pink, and translucent red (which some reviewers note is more coral or peachy in color). The translucence allows the Apple logo on the back of the phone to show through. Overall, reviewers conclude you can't really go wrong with the Incipio NGP.

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