Incase Snap Case Review


Think Twice

Available in many colors, the Incase Snap Case for iPhone 5/5S is a hard plastic shell with open cutouts for buttons and ports. Users complain of cracks at the corners.

The Incase Snap Case (starting at $10, Amazon) comes in a wide variety of colors and designs for the iPhone 5/5S. Consumers can find this case festooned with a chevron pattern, animal print, polka dots, graphics such as florals, pop art, typography, and so on. That's one of the only positive things reviewers have to say about the case, though, and the designs generally cost more than the solid colors.

While consumer reviewers posting on Amazon like the look and minimal bulk of the Incase Snap Case, many are disappointed to report that it flakes and chips at the corners or has failed to protect a dropped iPhone. They gripe that this case is made of low-quality plastic, with no rubbery material as a complement. This hard-shell construction makes the case ineffective at absorbing shock. Some also note that the slick plastic makes it easy to lose your grip on the phone -- a bad combination. The design has open ends to provide easy access to buttons and ports but also leaves the buttons and edges vulnerable to damage.

Any price advantage is rendered moot if you have to replace a damaged or broken case, and this type of plastic shell makes an untrustworthy protector for an expensive iPhone. Better to spend a few extra bucks on a more durable case that provides better protection for the precious cargo inside.

Gina Martinez

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