Vizio VSD210 Review


Think Twice

There's little doubt this speaker dock sounds good and it seems like a great value for the price. However, the frequency of reviews that report breakdowns, particularly with the 30-pin connector, gives us pause.

This speaker dock sounds good enough that some Vizio VSD210 reviews on Amazon compare it with far pricier brands. It has plenty of power, buyers say, and it's easy to use. But several Vizio VSD210 reviews gripe that the dock connector broke or stopped registering that a device was docked. Others complain about the build quality and durability of the dock in general.

Walmart customers have posted similar comments about breakdowns in Vizio VSD210 reviews on the retailer's website, although some call the dock a great value. A couple of detailed Vizio VSD210 reviews posted on Epinions also suggest the connector is unreliable. One buyer complains of exchanging the dock when the connector stopped working, only to have the second unit quit connecting about two months later, just after the warranty had expired.

The Vizio VSD210 (starting at $76, Amazon) has a built-in subwoofer in addition to the usual two speakers. It also has the familiar 30-pin dock connector that most older iPods, iPhones, and iPads use. Newer models with Lightning connectors can't be docked, although the speaker has a 3.5 mm input for plugging in those and other audio devices. The Vizio VSD210 includes a basic remote control, something the other speakers on our list can't claim. It's also large enough to accommodate an iPad comfortably, measuring 17 x 6.7 x 5.9 inches and weighing 5.4 pounds.

It's unfortunate that the Vizio VSD210 seems to have some build-quality problems, because we found very few complaints about the sound quality. Certainly not all users experience the problem with the dock connector, and even those who do can get around it by connecting their devices using the speaker's 3.5 mm input. Still, that defeats the purpose of buying a dock, and breakdowns are an issue we can't ignore.

Michael Sweet

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