T-Fal Prima FV3056 Review



The T-Fal Prima FV3056 is a good, functional iron with desirable features, such as a large water tank and steam surge. Users like its heat, steam, and balanced weight.

Another budget iron from T-Fal that wins accolades from consumers is the Prima FV3056. Although it lacks some of the enhanced features found on the Ultraglide Easycord FV4379, like retractable cord and ceramic soleplate, this one's got the basics -- lots of heat and steam and a nonstick soleplate. T-Fal Prima FV3056 reviews say it has enough heft to press heavy items and ensure that dress shirts look almost starched. Reviews on Walmart note that it can iron coats and steam curtains, and another review at Macy's credits the weight of the iron with easing the workload. The nonstick surface showed its stuff, reports a review on Amazon, when it came time to wipe off a crayon transfer that had bled onto the iron from some fabric. This model doesn't totally escape grumble-free, however. Some reviews report a bit of leaking and staining, say the dark window on the water tank makes it hard to gauge what's inside, and suggest that it needs more temperature/fabric settings.

The manufacturer doesn't list the wattage of the T-Fal Prima, but users seem satisfied with the speed at which it heats up and the amount of heat and steam it delivers. An indicator light signals whether the iron is on or off, and the standard three-way auto shutoff ensures that it shuts down when tipped over or resting too long. The water tank holds 10 ounces, which is almost over-sized in the low-cost iron segment. The cord is well-placed for lefties, and it wraps around the iron when you're done.

In all, this iron is a strong performer that's available at a cheap price. Hard to go wrong with this one.

Elizabeth Sheer

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