Panasonic NIS-300TR Review



With the cordless option, you can maneuver around anything while you're ironing, and the detachable water tank adds to the convenience. But users aren't sold, noting the heat doesn't hold up in cordless mode and the docking mechanism is troublesome.

Squarely in the budget category, the Panasonic NI-S300TR might not perform as well as the upscale models, but most users aren't complaining. In fact, Panasonic NI-S300TR reviews indicate that many consumers who bought this model as a replacement for one of the high-priced brands are happy to have made the switch. Many echo this review on Amazon, which concedes that the low price was the deciding factor in the purchase but the accompanying low performance expectations were dashed. Users like the curved titanium soleplate with its sharp point, the iron's weight, and the smooth results on shirts, blouses, and pants; one seamstress who works with fusible webbing reports the material is easily removed when it sticks to the soleplate. But others demur, saying you get what you pay for. In some reviews, users gripe about slow heating, sputtering and leaking water, inadequate steam when held vertically, and defective thermostats. On Viewpoints, a few reviews conclude this model passes if you don't do lots of ironing, especially of heavy fabrics, or need to press exceptionally wrinkled clothing.

The Panasonic NI-S300TR has 1200 watts and weighs a bit over three pounds. The temperature selections range between 176 and 392 degrees and the six-ounce water tank reportedly generates plenty of steam. You can unleash a jet of steam or a spray mist, and you can also choose to iron dry. The retractable cord gets a thumbs-up in a Panasonic NI-S300TR review on Camera World, although we did note a comment about the cord placement proving to be biased against lefties.

On the whole, the Panasonic NI-S300TR is a good, but not stellar, iron. If you don't need an amazing wrinkle remover on the first pass, this could be the bargain you're looking for.

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