Smartek ST2000 Cord/Cordless Review


Think Twice

With the cordless option, you can maneuver around anything while you're ironing, and the detachable water tank adds to the convenience. But users aren't sold, noting the heat doesn't hold up in cordless mode and the docking mechanism is troublesome.

It seems like such a great idea -- an iron that does its thing without a cord, and one that starts at $29, no less. But consumers attracted to the Smartek Cord/Cordless ST-2000 by those very features are often disappointed. Smartek Cord/Cordless ST-2000 reviews posted on Overstock, for example, say the iron heats up quickly in cordless mode but then needs a recharge in short order. But then, continue reviews on Walmart and Amazon, dealing with the recharging dock can be a challenge. First, you have to wait for the indicator light to come on to signal the iron is hot (some users say this happens quickly). Second, third, and fourth, users complain that the locking mechanism on the base sometimes doesn't hold, putting it in the base and taking it off requires two hands, and the plastic base withers under the onslaught of heat. The alternative of using the iron in corded mode can be problematic, as well; a Smartek Cord/Cordless ST-2000 review says the cord makes it bulky and heavy.

The Smartek Cord/Cordless ST-2000 iron has 1200 watts of power, a burst of steam for vertical ironing and tough wrinkles, a mister to set in creases, and a nonstick stainless steel soleplate. The six-ounce water tank is transparent, so you can see when it needs a refill, and it's detachable, so it's easy to refill at the tap.

Despite the conveniences, an iron that fails to provide sustained and sufficient heat to de-wrinkle whatever needs pressing is no bargain at all.

Elizabeth Sheer

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