Shark Professional Rapido G1468 Review


Think Twice

With lots of power and so-called intelligent controls, this iron makes a great first impression. But user reports of leaks and assorted build quality problems cast a pall on the original glow.

The Shark Professional Rapido G1468 certainly looks impressive fresh out of the box: good features for a modest price. But based on the Shark Professional Rapido G1468 reviews that we read, the glow wears off quickly. Complaints about this model concern performance and durability. In reviews on Target, for example, users report severe water leaks that cause fabrics to burn (one user says the water was rusty), white crystals that flake all over, smoking instead of heating, controls that don't work, and units that conk out entirely within months. Users posting reviews on Amazon also gripe about problems adjusting the heat because of the awkward placement of the controls, a short in the cord, and disintegrating chrome. To be sure, some consumers say the Shark Rapido irons smoothly and produces lots of steam; it handily meets the needs of a woman who sews a lot and presses seams and hems, according to a review on Epinions, although she notes that it does blast through the water in the tank.

With 1500 watts, the Shark Rapido is a powerhouse, and one consumer comments on Amazon that it reduces ironing time by 75%. It features a steam surge button and vertical steaming, which a few reviews suggest lets you steam hanging garments up to a foot away. The 10-foot cord pivots 360 degrees. There's an automatic shut-off after seven minutes of inactivity, but we read some reports about shut downs after just three minutes or as much as 15 minutes.

The Shark Professional Rapido G1468 has done the job for some consumers, but for most it's been a dud. You can do better elsewhere.

Elizabeth Sheer

Elizabeth Sheer is a Brooklyn-based writer and researcher. In addition to researching and writing about household appliances and other consumer items, Elizabeth draws on her history of preparing cooking-related articles to conduct taste tests on all things delicious.

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