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Huffy dominates the market for cheap kids' bikes with a wide selection of boys' and girls' models in the primary size categories. Most reviewers are satisfied with the quality-to-price ratio despite some quibbling about components that don't hold up; young riders like their wheels.

Huffy bicycles for kids are moderately priced and widely available. And, as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles note in Huffy bike reviews, they're a good buy for active and growing children who will need the next size bike in the latest colors with the coolest features all too soon. Reviewers are candid about the plusses and minuses of these cheap bikes, and comments range from sturdy and rider-friendly to parts that don't fit and components needed for DIY assembly that are damaged or missing from the packing box; a few also ding the assembly instructions. Overall, though, the positive reviews far outweigh the negative, and riders seem quite pleased with their two-wheelers.

The lineup of Huffy products is extensive, and we found a few standouts for children of different ages and sizes.

Where to buy

For the youngest riders -- starting at about age 2 -- the 12-inch Huffy boys' Rock-It (starting at $40) and Huffy Disney Princess (starting at $67, Amazon) will do nicely. In Huffy bike reviews on Walmart, several parents commend the Rock-It as an excellent choice for a first bike. They like the training wheels, the red and blue paint job, the adjustable seat, and the ease of pedaling and turning. Many reviews say assembly is a breeze, but some grouse that the bike doesn't come with the tools needed for the job and a few report the chain and pedals occasionally fall off.

Huffy bike reviews are equally upbeat about the Disney Princess model for girls. In comments posted on the same site, reviewers describe the pinkish-purple finish studded with Disney Princess characters as cute and attractive, although some aren't wild about the streamers dangling from the hand grips. Many reviewers say the bike is sturdy and right-sized for little girls just learning to ride; several note that the youngsters asked for the training wheels to be removed and taught themselves to balance. Again, we read a few reviews lamenting missing or damaged parts but also some noting the ease of assembly.

Boys in the 4- to 8-year-old range take to the Huffy Disney Toy Story bike (starting at $68) with its 16-inch wheels, Buzz Lightyear design elements and the green and purple color scheme are big draws. Huffy bike reviews on the Toys R Us website praise the adjustable seat and easy-to-remove training wheels that accommodate growing kids, some of whom can manage the balance thing later others. This model wins kudos from adults who note in reviews on Walmart that their boys happily ride about for hours; one mom reports that her son has even forsaken morning cartoons for a pre-breakfast spin on his bike. Reviewers generally report that at-home assembly proceeds smoothly.

Our final pick in the Huffy line is the girls' Cranbrook Cruiser (starting at $80), a 24-inch model aimed at the 10-and-up set that also appeals to older sisters, moms, and grandmas. Reviews posted at Walmart praise the large spring saddle and durable grips, the smooth and quiet ride, and the vintage aesthetic. This one-speed bike doesn't go too fast, which many riders regard as a virtue; one review notes you get to savor your surroundings while getting a nod of recognition from human and avian onlookers, alike. The spare basics of this bike -- coaster brakes, no gears -- work for younger and older riders who would rather not deal with the distractions of hand brakes and gear shifts. The Cranbrook Cruiser became the bike of choice for a 'tween who just wanted to cycle along the Jersey shore, for example, and for a young teen who had multiple mishaps with a mountain bike on her four-mile commute to and from school. Reviews indicate that shorter women definitely appreciate this bicycle -- the rear reflector can be removed to position the seat even lower, which lets riders safely touch feet to ground. A few reviews carp about bikes that arrive with slightly damaged frames and a seat that feels too hard.

Huffy bikes usually carry a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and six months on other parts for the original owner. Huffy recommends checking each bike's owner's manual for specifics because the warranty may differ for different models.

For price and basic functionality, these bikes provide an excellent start to a young (or even old, with the 24-inch size) cyclist's riding experience. More advanced riders will want to look to other models for multiple speeds and/or hand brakes.

Gina Briles

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