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A Toys R Us exclusive, Avigo offers a limited line of 16-, 18-, and 20-inch bikes for boys and girls. Some reviewers grouse about difficult assembly, stiff hand brakes, and a bit of roughness in the ride, but most say these cheap kids' bikes are sturdy and easy to adjust.

Avigo is a line of kids' bikes sold exclusively through Toys R Us and made by Dynacraft, one of the largest manufacturers of lead bicycle frames. Consumers seem mostly pleased with what they get from these budget bikes, according to Avigo bike reviews. The two on our list, the 16-inch Avigo Dirt Wave boys' BMX bicycle (starting at $73) earns an above-average rating in bike reviews on the Toys R Us website, while the 16-inch Avigo Waikiki girls' BMX model (starting at $70) fares marginally better in comments posted on the same site.

Most reviews for these two bicycles say you get decent quality for the price, and adjectives such as "strong" and "sturdy" pop up with some frequency. One parent, for example, lauds the stability of the girls' model in an Avigo Waikiki review and notes that the hand brakes were mostly put together when the bike arrived at home and needed only a few tweaks. A dad adding his two cents in an Avigo Dirt Wave review says this bike looks as though it will last, and tells a similar story about finding it mostly assembled right out of the box. Still, we read some reviews noting that the wheel hubs on both models seem tight, which interferes with smooth rotation. One Avigo Dirt Wave review says a couple of wrenches and some elbow-grease got the bike rolling along easily, but an Avigo Waikiki reviewer considered this to be a deal-breaker. The presence of coaster brakes and hand brakes on both models puts parents at ease, according to Avigo bike reviews, although several say the hand brakes are too stiff for young children.

The Avigo Dirt Wave and Avigo Waikiki feature BMX-style frames and padded seats, and they come with training wheels. There are front and rear caliper hand brakes as well as (pedal) coaster brakes, the latter with what one reviewer describes as a good tread for gripping the foot. The Avigo Waikiki is fitted out with streamers and a bag for the handlebars and the Dirt Wave sports a handlebar shield. Specs say the latter can be used for racing and tricks, but based on the Avigo Dirt Wave reviews that we read, most riders are in the 4-5 age range and don't appear to have tested the bike's performance limits.

As with other bicycles in this price range, you should expect to make some adjustments up front. You might consider having the bike checked over at a bike shop post-DIY assembly if you aren't an expert in this arena to ensure road-worthiness. All told, Avigo offerings give beginning cyclists a good place to start at a reasonable price.

Gina Briles

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