BBP Hamptons Hybrid Laptop Bag Review


The BBP Hamptons Hybrid laptop bag is a pricey product that wins high praise from consumers. BBP Hamptons Hybrid reviews on have nothing but good things to say about this upmarket bag, and particularly note that the different ways to carry this bag (on your back or messenger style) provide optimal comfort. At, one BBP Hamptons Hybrid reviewer comments that this laptop bag beats out all the rest for comfort and carrying ease. Consumers also praise the BBP Hamptons Hybrid laptop bag for its durability. According to one user review on, this laptop bag provides superior protection for the laptop and seems to last longer than others. This reviewer ought to know: he claims to have owned almost 30 laptop bags over the years.

The BBP Hamptons Hybrid Laptop Bag (starting at $90, Amazon) has a separate compartment behind the handle on the back that is heavily padded to protect the laptop. A main compartment and sub compartments in the front are perfect for files, notebooks, cords, and more. Unlike the cheaper laptop bag models, the BBP Hamptons Hybrid is available in four different sizes to accommodate any size laptop you need to stow.

Fashionable for men, women, students, and professionals, the BBP Hamptons Hybrid Laptop Bag is a good upscale choice. Indeed, the only thing we don't like about this bag is the price. If you're able to spend beyond the Cheapism niche, then this is the bag for you.

Raechel Conover

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