Gateway NE56R52u Review


Gateway isn't the household name in computing that it once was, but the brand is still around and has plenty of laptop models available. The Gateway NE56R52u (starting at $358, Amazon) hasn't found its way to an expert reviewer's desk, but consumers have tried it out and posted Gateway NE56R52u reviews at Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. - Product+Reviews For many, the laptop's most appealing feature is that it's one of the few that still ships with Windows 7, which these buyers prefer to Windows 8.

The Gateway NE56R52u runs an Intel Celeron 1005M dual-core CPU. One user who posted a review at Best Buy was disappointed with the CPU, which is pretty slow compared with other Intel chips. In general, though, the handful of reviews on the electronics giant's website echo the praise from Walmart shoppers, saying this laptop is affordable and easy to use. A couple of shoppers who have written Gateway NE56R52u reviews on Amazon acknowledge that the laptop isn't particularly fast but say it works well enough if you just need a budget machine for email and web surfing.

The Gateway NE56R52u comes with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. It also has a DVD-RW drive and a memory card reader that supports several formats, including SD, xD, MMC, and Memory Stick. The system has a 15.6-inch (non-touchscreen) display. You can connect the system to your network using built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless or plug into the Ethernet port. The Gateway NE56R52u has three USB 2.0 ports but no USB 3.0 ports. It does include an HDMI port, however. The six-cell battery is rated for up to four and a half hours of run time.

If you want a new laptop but still crave the Windows 7 operating system, the Gateway NE56R52u is one of your few remaining choices. Its speed isn't very impressive, with only a dual-core Intel Celeron CPU under the hood, but it still manages simple tasks pretty well. The lack of USB 3.0 ports is disappointing, but it's nice to find a laptop for less than $400 with a 15.6-inch screen. If you're looking for a backup budget laptop for basic tasks and you're still married to Windows 7, the Gateway NE56R52u is a respectable choice.

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