Cub Cadet SC100 Review



This gas-powered push mower starts on the first pull, cuts grass evenly, and is easy to maneuver, users say. It offers a wide selection of cutting heights and the option of bagging or mulching.

The gas-powered Cub Cadet SC100 (starting at $250, Home Depot) seems almost universally admired by users and consumer product experts who have put the mower through its paces. In Cub Cadet SC100 reviews, they note how easily the 159 cc engine starts. No priming is needed, and the first pull does the trick. At 63 pounds, the Cub Cadet SC100 is lightweight for a gas lawn mower. Reviewers say it takes very little effort to push, even on uneven terrain, although some warn on the Home Depot website that thick grass can be harder to get through.

The Cub Cadet SC100 seems to have no problem with tall grass. In reviews, consumers say it provides a nice, even cut and doesn't get bogged down. They've found it very easy to adjust the cutting height using a lever on the handle, with six settings from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. The handle itself can be set to three different heights.

This is a three-in-one machine capable of bagging, mulching, or discharging grass out to the side. Reviewers say the latter two options for grass disposal work very well, with no clogging. There are a couple of complaints about the bagging option, though, among many positive comments posted on the retail and review site Mowers Direct. Users mention that grass flies out at the spot where the bag is attached, or leaves get caught in the opening.

The 21-inch steel cutting deck incorporates a deck-washing system, which lets users attach a hose to rinse grass clippings off the blades. The Cub Cadet SC100 is CARB-compliant for use in California, which tightly regulates emissions, and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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