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Lighter and less expensive than most cordless electric mowers, this model is capable of mowing a small yard on a single charge. The narrow cutting deck makes it easy to navigate tight spaces.

With a 14-inch cutting deck and a weight of only 32 pounds, the electric Worx WG782 (starting at $229, Amazon) is not a powerful, heavy-duty lawn mower. For many users, though, that's part of the draw. People who have relatively small yards or very little room between landscaping features appreciate the narrow cutting deck. In Worx WG782 reviews on the Home Depot website, users express surprise at how well the mower works considering its small size.

This cordless electric mower is lighter and cheaper than most other battery-powered models. The manufacturer claims that the removable 24-volt battery will last through about a quarter of an acre of mowing before it needs charging, which takes about four to five hours. On the Walmart website, several reviewers mention that the battery lasts longer than they thought it would, and constant recharging proves unnecessary. The Worx WG782 is so easy to push and turn, users say, that mowing the lawn is like taking a walk.

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The Worx WG782 offers less precision than the other models we researched, with three cutting heights ranging from 2 to 3.5 inches. Some reviewers mention that they would have liked a setting lower than 2 inches. This is a three-in-one mower with the option to mulch, collect cut grass in an included bag, or discharge grass clippings from the rear. The bag that comes with this relatively small mower is likewise on the small size, at 0.85 bushels. The upside, one reviewer points out, is that it's easier to dump the grass clippings, even if you have to do it more often. The handle and grass bag collapse and fold down on top of the mower for storage.

This cordless electric lawn mower has two modes of operation: "quiet," for keeping the noise to a minimum, and "power," which provides a boost in more difficult situations. The quiet setting is quiet enough that a reviewer says a neighbor heard nothing while she was using it. According to another review on the Home Depot site, one user who thought the mower looked like a kiddie toy was impressed it had the power to cut through weeds and mulch any pine cones or twigs that were lying around.

For many consumers, the Worx WG782 is an easy-to-use alternative to a heavy, noisy, high-maintenance gas mower. It excels at navigating tight spots in a small yard or doing detail work after a large lawn has been cut with a riding mower. The Worx WG782 comes with a two-year warranty.

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