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Black & Decker MM275 Review
Black & Decker MM275 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick

Electric is the way to mow, according to dozens of Black & Decker MM275 reviews. Although the power cord takes some getting used to -- that is, keeping it free of the mower's path -- users are otherwise thrilled with the clean, relatively quiet, odorless, and efficient mowing performance of this electric model. On the Sears website, customers comment on the ease of navigating this lightweight machine around a small yard and the cutting power of its motor; one user notes that it plows through thick grass growing over a septic tank that proved too much of a challenge for a gas mower. In Black & Decker MM275 reviews on Amazon, users also tell of easy starts (no pull string to yank), good mulching, and the oomph to mow up small hills. The biggest drawback to this model, reviewers say, is also its strength; that is, electric power. Lots of users have something to say about the cord -- and a few just couldn't deal with it -- but those who master its management or chalk it up as a minor inconvenience are quite happy to be free of gas and oil models and well satisfied with this machine.

The Black & Decker MM275 (starting at $166, Amazon) features an 18-inch mowing deck made of polymer (no rust) with a side discharge (chute can be removed). The cutting height ranges from 1 to 3.5 inches and a lever lets you adjust all the wheels at once. This mower weighs 38 pounds and can mulch as it mows; a bag for clippings is sold separately. The motor has nine amps -- sufficient to mow through tall grass, say Black & Decker MM275 reviews -- and the power cord has a 100-foot range.

This is an environmentally friendly option that finds favor with consumers who take on that weekly lawn maintenance chore. The cord, though, restricts its use to plots smaller than a quarter acre.

by Kara Reinhardt (Google+ Profile) – June 7, 2013
Black & Decker MM275 Deals
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