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A variety of power sources fuel low-cost lawn mowers. Some of the cheapest models have no engine and rely on brute force to push them through the grass. Electric lawn mowers suit small yards, in part because the cord and battery capacity limit the freedom to roam. For larger yards, many consumers prefer the power of a gas mower. The size of the cutting blade affects how many passes it takes to cover the lawn and how easy it is to negotiate obstacles. Multiple cutting heights account for different types of grass and mowing frequency. Whether to bag, mulch, or discharge the clippings is a matter of personal preference; some cheap lawn mowers accommodate all three options.

Cheapism Ranking Fuel Source Cutting Deck Cutting Heights Side Discharge Mulching Bag Included Warranty
Black & Decker LM175 estimated price $159
Best Corded electric (6.5-amp motor) 18 inches 6 (1-3.5 inches) Yes No No 2 years
Cub Cadet SC100 estimated price $250
Best Gas (159cc Cub Cadet engine) 21 inches 6 (1.25-3.75 inches) Yes Yes Yes (1.9 bushels) 3 years
Worx WG782 estimated price $229
Good Cordless electric (24-volt battery) 14 inches 3 (2-3.5 inches) No (rear) Yes Yes (0.85 bushels) 3 years
Husqvarna 7021P estimated price $290
Good Gas (160cc Honda engine) 21 inches 9 (1.25-3.42 inches) Yes Yes Yes (1.8 bushels) 3 years
Murray M22500 estimated price $172
Don't Bother Gas (140cc Briggs & Stratton engine) 22 inches 5 (not specified) Yes Yes No 2 years
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