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Westinghouse SK-26H640G Review
Westinghouse SK-26H640G

The Westinghouse SK-26H650G is a small, older model and very cheap even by Cheapism standards. But based on the Westinghouse SK-26H650G reviews we read, it seems that this model trades away features and picture quality in pursuit of a low price point. The SK-26H640G displays decent enough color accuracy, says CNET's Westinghouse SK-26H650G review, but black levels aren't very deep, it can't play 1080p content, and there are visible jaggies in video playback. The experts also ding the remote control, saying it feels flimsy, and note that the set provides few picture controls, and those that are available aren't very user friendly. A Westinghouse SK-26H650G review by PC Mag experts also laments the sparse picture controls and reports some green tinting in dark areas and colors that shift when viewing from an off-angle. And yet, Westinghouse SK-26H650G reviews do say that for a lower-end television, it presents good contrast and conclude that it would be suitable as back-up or second TV for the home or as a dorm-room-sized diversion for stressed-out college students.

The Westinghouse SK-26H640G features a 26-inch glossy display with a 720p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. It has two HDMI ports as well as component, composite, and even an S-Video input -- but no USB port. There are two 5-watt built-in speakers. The display is heavy for its stand, and PC Mag notes that it tilts forward about three degrees.

We're surprised that the Westinghouse SK-26H640G is still sitting out there. It's been around for a while, and its dearth of features, questionable build quality, and so-so picture aren't exactly strong selling points. This is a super cheap TV, no doubt, but you may conclude that a super low price doesn't make up for its shortcomings.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – January 16, 2014
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