Toro 51609 Ultra Review


This electric blower vac wins acclaim for its power. It's relatively quiet and, at just 7.5 pounds, easy to carry. A metal impeller resists damage from pebbles and other debris.

Cleaning up a small yard or hard surface with this corded electric blower/vac is a piece of cake, according to Toro 51609 Ultra reviews. At Amazon, where more than 500 users have posted comments, a vast majority give it a strongly positive rating, noting its force (tornado-like, asserts one) and efficiency, relative quiet, convenience, and practical features, particularly the metal impeller and variable speed control. Many users cite similar qualities in Toro 51609 Ultra reviews at Sears as a rationale for their high ratings, with some former owners of gas-powered blowers conceding pleasant surprise at how well this electric model works. The Toro 51609 comes in handy for a variety of chores, reviewers add, from the usual leaf-clearing (including from synthetic surfaces) to blow-drying vehicles after a dousing. The vacuum/mulch function picks up yard waste and reduces it to a fraction of its original volume, and as one post points out, saves users the effort of lugging bags of leaves to the front for curbside pickup.

But not everyone is quite so enamored of the Toro 51609 Ultra (starting at $70, Amazon). Some reviews carp about insufficient power, especially when vacuuming, and tubes that clog. Others report that the power switch is prone to breaking and the mulch bag separates from the blower, allowing debris to escape.

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The Toro 51609 Ultra weighs in at 7.5 pounds, pushes out a 235 mph airstream with a velocity of 390 CFM and a noise level of 67 dBA. The variable speed lets users choose the force to suit the job -- low for light work around plantings and high for heavier targets like wet leaves. Switching between blowing and vacuuming/mulching requires changing the nozzle, which users note is simple enough. This model features a metal impeller with serrated blades and a 16:1 mulching ratio, although a few users express skepticism about that specification.

Despite a couple of minor flaws, reviewers assert the Toro 51609 Ultra delivers for the money and is a good choice if you don't mind being tethered to a power cord.

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