Ryobi RY09056 Review


A relatively quiet gas blower at a reasonable price seems like a great deal, but users find the durability of this Home Depot model lacking, from the nozzle to the bag to the engine.

This inexpensive gas-powered blower vac is a relatively rare breed that does well on some fronts, but Ryobi RY09056 reviews suggest that consumers should pass it over and choose a better performer. Some of the machine's specifications also don't hold up against the competition. At 9.5 pounds, the Ryobi RY09056 (starting at $99) is heavier than many of the machines we reviewed. It weighs about a pound or a pound and a half more than our recommended gas blowers. The volume of air pushed out the nozzle is relatively high, at 400 cubic feet per minute, but the speed is the lowest of any blower we researched, at only 150 mph. On the plus side, the two-cycle, 26cc engine is the largest in our lineup and the Ryobi RY09056 has a variable speed throttle. The motor complies with emission standards set by the California Air Resources Board and emits only 70.2 decibels from 50 feet away -- not bad for a gas blower. The mulching ratio is 12:1, although not many users report using the vacuum/mulch function with this particular leaf blower (the capability is far more common among electrics).

The Ryobi RY09056 is sold exclusively at Home Depot, where positive reviews cheer the leaf blower for starting right up, with just one or two pulls, and being easy to use. Overall the reviews aren't especially positive, however. At the time of writing, the product was rated 3.6 out of 5 stars, with recommendations from only about 70 percent of reviewers. Many other leaf blowers have 4- to 5-star ratings and recommendation rates in the high-80-to-mid-90 percent range.

What do the negative reviews say? Many report that the blower isn't very durable and simply stopped working within a year or two. One owner reports that his leaf blower broke down six weeks after purchase. This reviewer, an engineer, used the factory oil and added a little extra lubricant, but because the aluminum piston was scored (a typical result of not using enough oil), the three-year limited warranty was voided. The juicy bit of the review: Employees of the Ryobi dealer and Home Depot store he visited were aware of the issue and said it's fairly common. Other reviewers have had different durability-related problems, such as the nozzle falling off the base, the engine and housing separating after just a few uses, and the bag attachment coming loose during use. These are the same complaints we saw with the previous model, the Ryobi RY09055, which likewise failed to earn our recommendation.

If it weren't for the questionable durability of the Ryobi RY09056, this would have been a decent choice for consumers. But after reading a number of negative reviews, it's clear there are better options out there that cost no more money than this leaf blower.

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