Greenworks 24012 Review


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Pros: User reviews say the Greenworks 24012 (starting at $30; available on Amazon) is particularly good for clearing patios, garages, sidewalks, and other hard surfaces of dirt and other gunk. Reviewers claim it's also adept at clearing leaves from smaller yards, helping dry cars after washing, or blowing spiderwebs from porches. In addition to praise for its efficiency, it earns raves for being lightweight and easy to handle. Many users report that it's not too bad in terms of noise, especially compared with gas-powered blowers, although there are those who contend it's noisier than other corded electric models.

Cons: Some users grouse that the Greenworks 24012 vibrates too much for comfortable holding, despite manufacturer claims to the contrary. However, the primary complaints center on the lack of a power cord -- users must supply their own outdoor-rated extension cord. Also, some reviewers say one or more prongs from the machine's plug can come loose, posing a possible safety risk and ruining their extension cords. Greenworks advises using a 12-gauge cord no longer than 150 feet to mitigate this risk.

Features: The single-speed Greenworks 24012 weighs just 4.5 pounds -- half the weight of some other corded electric leaf blowers. It has a 160 mph maximum air speed and a maximum velocity of 150 cubic feet per minute. Features include an integrated cord lock, although some users say they still have issues with their cords coming loose. There is also a push-button stop, but no vacuum or mulching mode. The manufacturer-reported noise level is 69.3 decibels, slightly higher than comparable units. The four-year warranty exceeds the industry standard.

Takeaway: Despite its low price, the Greenworks 24012 seems to be an effective leaf blower for small yards and patios, especially if buyers already have the proper extension cord. Those who don't may find that they end up paying more for a new cord than they did for this blower.