Husqvarna 125B Review


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Experts and users say this handheld gas-powered blower has plenty of power and is a good pick for clearing yards quickly and efficiently.

Pros: Reviews suggest that owners love the Husqvarna 125B (starting at $149; available on Lowe's) for its focused power, which they say makes easy work of grass clippings, leaves, small sticks, dirt, and dust. Many also enthuse that it's relatively light and easy to start for a handheld gas blower, and they appreciate not being tethered to a power cord. Experts with Popular Mechanics also praise this leaf blower's ability to direct its air stream without turbulence, saying the focused energy compensates for air speeds that might seem low at first glance. Another plus, according to these testers: The blower feels well-balanced, making it easy to handle. The unit doesn't draw a lot of complaints about noise from consumers; many seem used to how loud gas-powered blowers can be.

Cons: Most criticism associated with the Husqvarna 125B has to do with durability. Several reviews on the Lowe's website and Amazon complain that the blower's gas lines failed under normal usage. However, others say these problems can be avoided by using fuel that does not contain ethanol. While this is a common recommendation for lawn equipment, some consumers complain that buying ethanol-free fuel is pricey and inconvenient.

Features: The Husqvarna 125B weighs 9.4 pounds. It has a 170 mph maximum speed and a maximum velocity of 425 cubic feet per minute. Features include a stop switch that automatically resets to the starting position and a variable speed throttle. The length of the blowing tube can be adjusted. This gas-powered blower does not convert to a yard vacuum or mulcher, so anyone who wants to do double or triple duty should look elsewhere, or pay more for the Husqvarna's 125BVx model. The 125B registers 94 decibels at the ear, according to the manufacturer. The blower comes with a two-year warranty.

Takeaway: Its confirmed power makes the Husqvarna 125B a good pick for anyone who needs to clear significant yard debris without spending a lot. An apparent sensitivity to ethanol and a lack of versatility keep it from our top spot.