Toro 51619 Ultra Review


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This corded electric blower offers power and versatility at a low price. Owners appreciate that it doubles as a vacuum and a mulcher.

Pros: Owners are pleased with the power this corded electric blower brings to bear on a leaf-filled yard, especially for the money (starting at $70; available on Amazon). Toro 51619 Ultra reviews praise the machine for clearing leaves in small yards in just a short time. Most also say it's an efficient mulcher, which some attribute to the metal impeller -- an advantage over models with less durable plastic impellers. Many consumers reviewing this model on Home are pleasantly surprised at the noise level, as well, especially when compared with gas-powered leaf blowers. It also gets positive marks for ease of use, as reviewers say the no-tool conversion between blowing, vacuuming, and mulching modes is fairly simple.

Cons: While experts at The Sweethome compliment the power of the Toro 51619 Ultra, they caution that the unit feels a bit off balance and say it's somewhat tedious to replace the reducing nozzles. Users have a few other qualms, as well. Some Amazon reviewers say the vacuum bag leaves something to be desired, with a zipper that's prone to splitting; others say they've had trouble with the variable speed switch malfunctioning.

Features: The Toro 51619 weighs 8.5 pounds. It has a maximum speed of 250 mph and velocity of 350 cubic feet per minute in blower mode and 410 CFM in vacuum mode. A variable speed knob allows users to tailor the air speed to the task at hand, and a metal impeller stands up to rocks. An attached hook provides storage for the power cord, and the included vacuum bag has a 1.5-bushel capacity. Though the noise level measures just 68 decibels from 50 feet away, Sweethome testers measured just shy of 84 decibels at the ear. The blower comes with a two-year full warranty.

Takeaway: All in all, users are sold on the Toro 51619 Ultra. They say it's a solid blower, mulcher, and lawn vacuum with a reasonable price tag for anyone who doesn't mind a cord.