Vizio E50-C1 Reviews


Vizio E-Series TVs offer the best combination of performance and build quality for the price. The accurate color, solid black levels, and user-friendly interface on this 50-inch smart TV seem to belong on a more expensive model.

Vizio has shown time and again that it's possible to make very good TVs for budget shoppers. The latest iteration of the company's budget-friendly E-Series runs the gamut from 24 inches to 70 inches. The 50-inch Vizio E50-C1 sits just under $500 (starting at $498, Amazon). This smart TV connects wirelessly to a home Internet connection. On, Vizio E50-C1 review reports that Vizio's interface is user-friendly. And unlike many Roku-based smart TVs, the Vizio models include a good selection of picture controls, so viewers can calibrate the image just right.

Speaking of which, the expert reviewer was impressed with the contrast, color accuracy, and black levels of the Vizio E50-C1. He says the viewing angles aren't that great, however -- viewers sitting off to the side will see distortion in the picture. A reviewer from LCD TV Buying Guide also comments on the narrow viewing angles. However, this expert admires the TV's screen uniformity, which he attributes to its full-array backlighting. He observes that the colors are just a little washed out, but not enough to fret about. Overall, Vizio E50-C1 reviews declare the entire E-Series a very good value.

Most of the TVs in the E-Series have full-array LED panels, with the exceptions of the 24- and 28-inch models, which are edge-lit displays. These 1080p TVs have an "effective" refresh rate of 120 Hz, but their native refresh rate is 60 Hz. The number of HDMI ports depends on the specific model. TVs smaller than 43 inches have one or two HDMI ports and the largest models have four. The Vizio E50-C1 and the other TVs from 43 to 60 inches have three HDMI ports. All the models have one USB port, and viewers can use a smartphone to cast video to the TV.

Once again, Vizio somehow manages to combine great picture quality with a budget price. The build quality is pretty impressive too. Reviewers say the E-Series models don't look or feel cheap and flimsy, as many budget TVs do. It's no wonder that the Vizio E50-C1 joins other Vizio TVs among the best available on a budget.

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