Hagrid's Hut Review



Harry Potter followers get a lot of bang for their buck (or should we say Galleon?) with this six-minifigure, 442-piece play set. Online reviews enthuse about the level of detail. Pleased reviewers point out that the set comes with Harry, Hermione, and Ron minifigures, something that can't be said of either (pricier) Hogwarts castle kit. For ages 7 to 14.

For about 9 cents per piece, Hagrid's Hut (starting at $40, Amazon) gives collectors a prime Harry Potter landmark, resplendent in detail, and a solid set of in-demand minifigures. These include Rubeus Hagrid, Aragog the spider, Norbert the dragon, and the famed trio of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, clad in their Gryffindor uniforms. One user notes in a Hagrid's Hut review at Toys R Us that this is the cheapest set out there that offers Harry Potter fans all three main characters.

In Hagrid's Hut reviews, owners of this Lego set are enthusiastic about features such as the light-up fireplace and the fact that the hinged hut opens and closes for more accessible play. Seasoned builders are impressed by the use of Lego weaponry to craft Aragog's spider legs, according to reviews on the Lego site.

All this isn't to say the Hagrid's Hut kit is fault-free. One user who posted a Hagrid's Hut review on Amazon says the build is too tiny for a quality play experience. Others posting reviews on the Lego site call the set delicate, saying it collapses easily and the roof tends to cave in. Some caution that it may be too complex for younger kids to assemble, although one parent who posted a review on Amazon calls it a good project for parents and kids to tackle together. It's designed for children 7 to 14.

With plenty of tiny accessories and a compact layout, not to mention an involved, 442-piece build process, this is one case where the age recommendation on the box should be heeded. The 7-and-up crowd is the best audience for this cheap Harry Potter set.

Gina Briles

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