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Minotaurus (starting at $22, Amazon), a Lego game that gets near-universal kudos from users, combines Sorry-like strategy and pure Lego creativity for a gaming experience that appeals to a wide range of players.

Minotaurus does particularly well in ratings on retail sites such as Walmart, Amazon, and the Lego Shop. Minotaurus reviews report that the game is a hit with children. A mom who posted a review on Amazon says her 4-year-old demands to play the game daily, while a pile of presents from Santa sits untouched.

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Users posting Minotaurus reviews on the BoardGameGeek forum, who tend to be adults, rank the game significantly lower than reviewers on other sites. The consensus with this group seems to be that Minotaurus is good for family play but repetitive and somewhat lacking for adults serious about Lego games. It's intended for ages 7 and up.

The game is actually simple enough for kids under 7 but can easily be switched up to make it more challenging, according to a Minotaurus review at Viewpoints. Users who have posted reviews on Amazon indicate that the game that can be adapted to and enjoyed by all ages, even college students and adults with a bent for game design.

Satisfied purchasers appreciate the strategic elements of this little game, and a parent who posted a Minotaurus review at Toys R Us likes that it teaches kids to be strategic. A couple of reviewers warn that the game can become cutthroat and might not be ideal for kids whose feelings are easily hurt.

Reviewers like the fact that players assemble their own die and game board, which can be stored in the box fully assembled. However, the compact board and smaller-than-standard microfigures (which are smaller than minifigures) make it hard for large hands to maneuver pieces through a game, and the small pieces are easily misplaced, according to a user who posted a Minotaurus review on Amazon.

Minotaurus is priced well for a Lego product, and its short ramp-up time and variable game play gives it an edge on family game night. Despite its broad appeal, hard-core gamers and sensitive souls should probably consider a different style of game.

Gina Briles

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