Power Boat Transporter Review



The Power Boat Transporter from the Lego City series is a top choice for children who prize fun over collectability. Its 254 pieces build a boat-toting trailer rig and a sporty speedboat that really floats, opening up more possibilities for play. Users like the level of detail and the accessories, as well as the fact that the trailer accommodates other Lego watercraft. For ages 5 to 12.

The Lego City Power Boat Transporter (starting at $34, Amazon) set doesn't have any fancy features to recommend it, but the set attracts vehicle lovers with its watercraft/big rig combo. Adding to the allure is the fact that the speedboat is actually seaworthy, extending opportunities for play. A grandparent who posted a Power Boat Transporter review on Amazon remarks that the set holds up well against the daily abuse kids dish out. Others reviewers point out that the 254-piece build is easy and the directions clear, making it a good choice for younger children. It's intended for ages 5 to 12.

Recently released in 2011, the Power Boat Transporter hasn't racked up near the number of reviews that some of our other picks boast. That said, early reviews indicate it resonates with users and experts. The Brick Life, a Lego blog for parents, places the Power Boat Transporter on its list of the top five Lego City sets of 2011, calling it engaging and an absolute winner when it comes to playability. It is the only set under $40 that makes the list.

An AFOL, or adult fan of Lego, who posted a Power Boat Transporter review on the Lego site Brickset likes the versatility of the truck and its sturdy tow but wonders how the boat's stickers will hold up if it spends much time in the water. Users posting reviews at the Lego Shop register disappointment that both minifigures can't ride in the cab together but find little else to complain about.

The consensus so far seems to be that this kit is a solid purchase. Although it's a little on the generic side for hard-core hobbyists, the set is ideal for children focused on the play experience.

Gina Briles

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