American Tourister Splash Upright Review


The American Tourister Splash 2 uprights provide good value with durable polyester shells, spacious interiors, strong zippers, and inline-skate wheels. The 21-inch version should fit carry-on size restrictions.

American Tourister Splash 2 reviews laud the light weight and roomy interiors of the 21- and 25-inch bags in this product line (starting at $49, Amazon). There's also a wheeled boarding bag and 29-inch upright. Comments posted at Amazon tell of packing enough for two weeks and more in an older 25-inch model with the same dimensions. One even cautions that it can hold more than 50 pounds, which catapults it over the weight limit and incurs extra fees on many airlines. The smaller upright easily accommodates the necessities for shorter trips without running afoul of carry-on restrictions, according to American Tourister Splash reviews at eBags. (But don't plan on taking advantage of the expandable packing space on the front panel. Chances are the bag won't pass carry-on scrutiny.)

The two inline-skate wheels attached at the rear of each upright roll smoothly, most reviewers say. But one advises keeping the packed center of gravity close to the wheels and definitely not in the front pocket, which can cause the bag to tip over. Travelers laud the American Tourister's bright-colored exterior shells, which make the luggage easy to spot in the scrum at baggage claim, and they generally commend the overall build quality. Several reports attest to the uprights' durability during extended trips -- a six-week excursion to Japan and Australia, for example, that involved eight flights and lots of handling by the airlines. A few reviewers note that the pull-out handle seems a tad delicate and may twist if not handled with care.

American Tourister Splash 2 uprights are made from a durable and light 1200x900 denier polyester. The 25-inch bag weighs just 8.4 pounds and measures 25x19x9 inches. The smaller bag weighs 7.1 pounds and measures 21x14.5x8 inches. Convenience features include padded top and side handles in addition to the pull-out, an expandable front panel with two zippered pouches, and a variety of interior pockets. Aside from the usual black, this collection also come in red and blue.

Despite scattered reports about problematic handles, the moderately priced Splash 2 uprights score well with users for features and performance.

Jeremy Bender

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