Sealy Brand Traditional Innerspring Review



The lowest priced Sealy brand mattress, it's built with twice-tempered coils and minimal padding; spending a few more dollars can boost the padding layers on some models.

Sealy Brand reviews note that padding is relatively thin, so consumers on the hefty side may find these bare-bones, entry-level, and budget-priced mattresses way too firm. For a 4-year-old child, however, the Brooks Point Select is just right, asserts a Sealy Brand review at Sears, and even nicer than higher-price varieties. The feel of the Candlewick Plush Euro Pillow Top is too hard for a couple, one of whom is a side-sleeper and the other suffers from shoulder problems, although another review at Macy's says the plush pillowtop nicely supports her side-sleeping position. Indeed,'s examination of more than 150 Sealy Brand reviews (for both the traditional innerspring and foam core series) recommends these mattresses for occasional or short-term use -- in a guest room, for example, or college dorm -- even as three-fifths of the reviews indicate that the Sealy Brand mattress is used every day. Satisfaction is quite high, according to the review site, and the low price is at least a partial explanation. Durability is limited to about four years when sagging becomes evident.

Sealy Brand Traditional Innerspring (starting at $279) mattresses have twice-tempered coils, with the count numbering 420 or 667 depending on model and mattress size. Sealy offers an opportunity to upgrade the basic mattress -- for a price, of course -- by adding (gel) memory foam for comfort, a nicer ticking, more responsive innerspring coils, and firmer edge support. Comfort levels for this line are firm, cushion firm, plush, and ultra plush. The mattresses are backed by a warranty, which again varies by model, and tops out at 10 years.

Sealy’s Posturepedic line rates very well with consumers, but for rock-bottom budget shoppers, the Sealy Brand Traditional Innerspring seems to be a good deal, especially for a spare bed. If this is your main mattress, you might need a replacement in a few years, or you might consider a non-innerspring option like memory foam or latex.

Raechel Conover

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